How adversity can give us strength, resilience and gratitude

Adversity is something we have all dealt with throughout our lives. From minor adversities to larger ones, they are all valid in the pain they can cause us. Losing a job, friends, partners, loved ones, or developing a disability or illness to name a few. Any change in your life that has a negative impact on... Continue Reading →

An update on my AFO crisis

Since my previous post many of you have offered me a great deal of support and kindness which I am so grateful for. It’s easy to feel isolated and alone when you are struggling with a mobility issue, as it’s your own personal burden to bare. Support can make that weight feel a little lighter. Thank... Continue Reading →

My current AFO struggle.

I’ve often said how grateful I am to have access to AFO leg splints. They have given me the level of physical support and freedom that I am very happy with. Since I began wearing them at age 11 they have become a part of my life, an aspect of my world which I am... Continue Reading →

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