What I have achieved in 12 months

Like everyone I have had my ups and downs this year. It’s very easy to dwell on the downs but today I want to think about all of the great things I have achieved in the last 12 months

Despite of my big wobble in September, when my leg splints broke I think I can classify 2018 as a success. I think that getting through my splint crisis is an achievement, it’s motivated me to be more active in my medical/disability care and I think this will pave the way for a better way of handling things in 2019.

I have always disliked hospital visits. I hate calling and making appointments and I don’t like to be pushy. From the change to adult hospital from being in children’s hospital I feel as though I have “fell through the cracks” as I haven’t had regular appointments since 2016. I now realise that you have to be active in your medical care. You can’t wait for them to contact you, you have to contact the hospital. The amount of referrals I have asked my GP to make that have never came to fruition is quite surprising and frustrating. This year I want to make sure I prioritise my health and take care of my CMT.

In August I was really pleased to start my new placement at Liverpool John Lennon Airport as a PR intern. It was a huge confidence boost and has been the greatest opportunity I could have hoped for. I’ve worried in the past that my disability might put employers off hiring me, but being chosen for my placement has given me hope for the future. Plus it has reaffirmed that I am capable and worthy of going after the opportunities that I want. My role at LJLA allows me to be creative, organised and develop into a valuable person in the work environment.

With my starting my new placement came adjusting to full time work, something I was really nervous about since I often feel really fatigued and struggle waking up early in the morning. A small thing for most people but a huge achievement for me is that I can now wake up at a reasonable time and can get through the day, although I often get very tired in the afternoon, I am able to persevere and feel like I have had a productive day. I have also managed to make some wonderful new friends at my placement who are very supportive people.

I have managed to conquer my fear of public transport. I used to totally avoid getting buses as I was scared of falling over or dropping my change. Now I have my bus pass this is no longer a worry to me as I can just flash my pass and don’t have to get my change ready 20 minutes before I get on the bus. However I still often lose my balance when the bus driver zooms off without giving me a chance to sit down (my ultimate pet hate) but still an accomplishment is an accomplishment no matter how small it may seem.

I completed my second year of uni, which feels so long ago now! Hopefully when I return in September 2019 to complete my final year, I will go back with a new motivated outlook and better work mentality. I will not let fatigue and pain stop me from attending like it so often did last year. However passing 2nd year with 2:1 is a great achievement to add to my last 12 months.

I turned 21 in January which was a fantastic birthday. I felt really proud and happy to have made it to 21 – now I’m a proper adult (kind of). I was thrilled to spend it with family and friends and felt really appreciated from all the lovely gifts and attention I received. I’ll count this as a win.

I visited some beautiful places in the past year. I was able to travel to Madeira in the Summer and was lucky enough to watch dolphins swim up close in the ocean and stand on one of the highest sea cliffs in the world. I also got to explore the caves of Madeira which was pretty cool. In November Phil and I went to Amsterdam for a weekend away. We visited the naughty museums of course, went on an educational and relaxing boat tour of the city’s canals and experienced the Ice bar which was really fun.

I’m excited to see what great things the next 12 months will bring me. Let’s hope it’s as good as the last year.

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