Chronically Cute Cards

A few months ago I was scrolling through Twitter and I came across a Tweet written by a person called Ruby (you can check out her Twitter page here). Ruby is an active member of the online disabled community, and I had seen her name before on multiple occasions; she would often engage with popular topics and offer support to other disabled people on Twitter.  The tweet contained a fledgling idea. Would chronically ill and disabled people like to receive free inspirational cards? The response she received was overwhelmingly positive.


The core idea of Chronically Cute Cards is simply to cheer people up, offer them support, and remind them that they are not alone. Anybody with any variety of mental or physical illness can request a card through the Chronically Cute Cards website. The best thing about this project is that the card is totally personalized to the individual receiving it. You fill out a form and include some general facts about yourself such as whether the card is for you or someone else, age, favourite colours, information on your illness (only if you want to) and some extra details so it can be thoroughly tailored to you.


Chronically Cute Cards has sent out 200 free cards filled with positive messages, hand crafted with care and effort.  The lovely cards have been sent around the world to places like Brazil and Australia, South Africa and Europe. Connecting the community and reminding people that no matter where you are, you have the support of other chronically ill people and you are never alone. These cards are touching the lives of many chronically ill and disabled people who feel lonely in their illness. As many disabled and chronically ill people feel isolated at some point during their lives.


The online disabled community is so important as a supportive network. I didn’t realise the impact that engaging with the disability realm of Twitter and other social networking sites would have on my perception of my own disability experience. Ruby herself finds incredible support within the community and has learnt a great deal about seeking her own personal diagnoses. Ruby told me that she has been bed bound for the past few months due to a debilitating CSF leak and that creating chronically cute cards has enabled her to keep busy whilst also giving back to the disabled community which has been extremely helpful to her.


Please have a little look at the Chronically Cute Cards website. Ruby has created so many lovely designs, messages and wants to continue to put smiles on faces and brighten someone’s dark days. She accepts PayPal donations in order to maintain a free card request system.  Also using the donations to pay for stationary equipment and anything she needs in order to handcraft and to create the pretty cards. You can donate through the ‘Donate’ page on the Chronically Cute website.


Thank you for reading! x


How lovely is this gallery from the Chronically Cute Website?!Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 20.43.03



Here’s the front of the card I received from Chronically Cute Cards a couple of months ago. IMG_6699

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